Project Description

The ‘Delft Blue’ pattern for Moooi Carpets. Illustration produced with the creative team at Marcel Wanders (Amsterdam) during my time working as a pattern designer for the studio.

This pattern design for the carpets from the Moooi Carpets brand was part of the collection of illustrations created at Marcel Wanders for ‘Eurasian Garden Spirits’. The distinctive style of Marcel Wanders, which swings between excess and subtlety, is shown in exquisite fashion in this impressive digitally-printed illustration. The printing of patterns in photographic quality enables the reproduction of photographs, drawings and other manual techniques such as watercolours. These carpets are filled with thousands of details and contrasts, so you will know you are stepping on a unique and wonderful universe. I am truly excited to see today how far the digital application of illustrations has come: our imagination is the limit, no medium is beyond us!