Project Description

Pappenpop has created this pattern design for the bespoke lampshades, at the Ibérica Food & Culture restaurant, in London.

At Pappenpop, I can create made-to-measure lamps with totally exclusive illustrations for your interior design projects, be they hotels, bars, restaurants or individual homes. This design, commissioned by the Ibérica Food & Culture restaurant, was inspired by the reign of Queen Isabella I of Castile and the opulence and expansion of Spain’s Golden Age. The red of Spain and the gold of Castile, together with the statue of Isabella, make this illustration a true demonstration of the attributes, treasures and the impact of our Spanish culture, both past and present. A wholly Spanish lampshade for a restaurant devoted to entirely Spanish cuisine in London, one of Europe’s capitals with the most influence on design, culture and gastronomy. Don’t hesitate to pay a visit to this essential eatery, a must, if you travel to this exciting and inspiring city.