Project Description

Pappenpop creates ‘Ornate’, a collection of exclusive illustrations for Dac Rugs, a Spanish company specialized in the creation of rugs with author’s designs.

The ‘Ornate’ series, composed of five models, was born out of my admiration for classic Persian rugs and my desire to transform those sumptuous compositions, with their palatial graphics, into something softer and more serene. The palette of ‘Ornate’ is full of pale grays in cold and warm tones, mixed with more powerful touches rescued from the Persian colors: gold / ocher, red / wine and blue / indigo.
All models have been made in wool and viscose and completely handmade. From the dyeing of the wool, to the ancestral technique of hand knotting. The meticulous production of Dac Rugs marked my original idea and inspiration when approaching the designs, making me focus on drawings of defined and delicate lines, few colors and, above all, great attention to detail and the execution of the forms. What a priori was a limit is what, finally, has given that special charm to the collection.

‘Ornate’ by Pappenpop manages to embellish any room by adding a touch of elegance to contemporary homes and spaces.

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